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L.W.M Teaser/Trailer

After playing with several ideas and making a countless amount of trailers/teasers, I have finally made one which I am happy with (I think). I have decided today would be the day to share that to the world too.. so here it is:



My Trailer is edited in the same style as the overall Documentary, in a sense its very vague due to the fact that it doesn’t give anything away, it shows a few details and has an insight to what the finished product might be like. The reason behind not putting in any information (talking) is not because I don’t want to give anything away, but because there is so much that could have gone into it that I couldn’t possibly pick a segment out from the rest.

I have looked at various other teasers and trailers and have taken the way that they only use very minimal amounts of material, stuff that draws the audience in and leaves them wanting more. The music is royalty free, but it builds a slight tension and again has the audience feeling uncomfortable, this is all a technique to build up a hype around the documentary – Hopefully implementing the water cooler effect making others talk about it to their peers.




I have started to really push my professional name out into the world, I now have a linked Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn account. These are being used to raise a buzz around my company CreativeMedia. I have also been using advertising around Coventry and Warwickshire. I have various flyers from a pervious job which are on display throughout the county which have my logo and contact details on. These same details are on display at my rugby club and also on the back of the match day programmes and on the back of the wedding brochures too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.46.56 (2)

I have been to various events with my Uncle who works for a construction company who build exhibition stands around the world, my business card has been featured not only at stands in this country but also in New York, Texas, Berlin and the list goes on. I have done his because I do not want to just have a target audience in the UK, I want people to see my work world wide and potentially want to hire me for whatever media needs they have.



Living With Meningitis – The Long Way Round

Making ‘Living With Meningitis’ has easily taken over my life. I have been filming, editing, creating logos, posters and trailers. Everything you might expect from a professional production. We are now in the middle of March and due to all the work I have been putting in behind the scenes I have neglected my blog somewhat.

Long overdue, here is an update of where things are at. So, I have messed around with various different trailers/teasers and how to edit them for the right effect – finally making one which I am happy with (link to follow)! Along with this I have created a mass advertising campaign consisting of logos and posters, both digital and physical.

Both of these posters are currently having customer frames made to support there sheer size! I have had them printed in A0 the largest size available, the reasoning behind this is basic. Its a Poster. In order to get as much attention as possible I have made it as BIG as possible. This fits in with most movie posters typically seen at cinemas, which have been tried and tested for years.

I have also created a DVD case, this will be used to send the charity MENINGITIS NOW a copy of the finished documentary.

However it can be used as part of my EPK, so here’s how it was made!

And the final product (physical version to follow):


In terms of the editing of the documentary, I have never and I really mean NEVER been involved in editing quite as complicated as it is now – but I am still learning and from researching different techniques (either from tutorial on or from videos on YouTube) I hope to achieve the best possible outcome that I can. Here’s a sneak peak of the editing in progress!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 15.23.31 (2)

Okay, to some this might not look like much, but as video editing has never been my main focus you’re looking at hours of hard work so far and within this track is multiple techniques which have involved hours of watching/practicing/reading to get as close to perfect as possible.

Going forwards I plan on doing more filming, not at the HQ of Meningitis Now but more filler shots of nature. This is because at the HQ they had a beautiful memorial garden and they put massive emphasis on how precious life is – so with the connotations of nature tying into this perfectly I intend on utilising this for filler shots and to make the documentary feel more fluid.

Watch this space!


I recently seen a friend post online his ‘new look’ CV, he had changed it from a standard few pages of A4 into an interactive show which can be used on mobile devices of PC’s. This show still contained all the relevant information that employers may be looking for but presented it in a completely different way to what I had ever seen before.

This in the case of a media CV might be useful because of the way it is made interactive – it would certainly gain more attention than a standard showreel or CV.

Take a look at the overview of it here:

Personally I would not use this format, although it is totally different, I feel it is unprofessional, in my eyes its not sharp enough to make a lasting first impression.

Ethics Form.

The completed form attached contains all relevant information in regards to ethics surrounding Living With Meningitis.

The only real problem in terms of ethics is that the Documentary could be emotionally testing for some.

Ethics Low Risk Projects

Meningitis Now + CreativeMedia = Living With Meningitis.

Once I had received the all clear from University that this was a viable project and I had also gained the blessing from Meningitis Now’s press team to use all of their logos/name I set to work branding the Documentary. Obviously this meant I needed a logo and a consistent brand image.

 Meningitis Now + CreativeMedia =

white logo

black logo

Through combining both Meningitis Now’s vivid orange colour and my own style which I have developed with CreativeMedia, these are the two finalised logos I have made. These logos are obviously the same but I have created a logo which is available for dark backgrounds and one which can be used on light backgrounds. Meaning I have something which is compatible with literally anything.

I have both of these logos saved as TIFF. files to allow me to use them without the need for a background, the black and white placeholders have been added in to make there viewing easier.

Living With Meningitis – My Brain Child

L.W.M is a Documentary focusing on Meningitis, raging from the syptoms to those most at risk, including personal stories of those who have been effected.

The idea for this did not actually come from myself, although at 18 months old I did suffer from Meningitis and Septicemia, it was my mother who inspired me to take this on as a project. During a conversation about uni work and how it was going, we got onto the subject of how not many people were aware of the complications that Meningitis can cause, the only real advertisement that people would ever see was that old picture of the baby with the syptoms sprouting off of it. We then began talking about the massive impact that it had on my family whilst I was suffering from it – BINGO.

Thanks to my Mum, I now had an idea. Not just something that I was going to plod along doing, but something which I am passionate about and something which is personal to myself and many others. From that day I started emailing founders of Meningitis Now, who (thankfully) were more than willing to help me pursue this as a Documentary. I started looking at different styles of Documentaries and the ball just has not stopped rolling.

I guess when I say that this documentary is my ‘Brain Child’ I should really credit my Mum in someway!

Although I haven’t said a lot about where the idea came from, I think in this case less is more. Its something so deeply engraved in me that its hard to think of anything else that I would rather focus my energies on for my FMP.


As part of my professional development I have attempted to branch out and contact various different people in the field to help progress my career. I have sent many emails, attempted many phone calls and messages with not that much luck. I have had a few responses, but I guess you win some and you lose some.

Matthew Cooper:

Matthew is an old friend of a friend who has recently finished university (within the last three years) and is now a freelance photographer who’s work is started to get noticed. He has had various pieces in the next magazine and on their website as well as on Instagram fashion pages.

This contact was fairly easy to make, a few text messages and hey presto Matthew was on board! His work can be seen simply by looking at his portfolio online:

Neil Henderson:

This man is a Freelance Graphic Designer who I have met on one occasion, somewhat by accident (I served a family member of his at work) he passed me a business card and I have been in contact with him over his work a few times.

Again, his work can be seen on:

The way in which he presents himself on this website is good, I am a massive fan of how he uses customer feedback to promote himself.

Kate Greevy:

Kate is someone I have previously done work for, making her a logo, brochure, flyers etc.. she is heavily involved in all aspects of the wedding industry, she has connections with all parts of the media side, photography, videography, invitation design… EVERYTHING. She is someone I have made a great relationship with and I have kept in contact with because I am interested in the wedding side of media. Although she doesn’t do anything related to media herself, she is my main contact and someone who has already proved very handy.

Her website can be seen here:

I also have contacts within Sweet and Scrumptious another wedding company, I also created their logo which means they have already helped my career progress. These people can also help me get into the wedding scene.


I have always has a passion for photography, I took an optional module purely about photography to help my standing in the professional world if I wanted to pursue a career in the field.

To me being a Photographer would not necessarily be my career but I feel I want to incorporate it into my professional life, this is simply because I enjoy it so much and I want it to be part of my career.

The roles expected of a photographer are:

  • working with clients to discuss the images they require and how they want to use them;
  • seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities;
  • carrying out research and preparation for a shoot;
  • working in different locations and in different circumstances to get the right image;
  • using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software;
  • communicating with photographic subjects, putting them at ease, encouraging them and directing them;
  • arranging still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds;
  • liaising with other professionals, including graphic designers, writers, gallery managers, picture researchers, commissioning editors and art directors;
  • managing the processing and use of images, discussing technical problems, checking for quality and dealing with clients’ concerns;
  • preparing proofs for approval;
  • compiling finished products for sale, such as albums and framed prints;
  • understanding traditional film and digital photography and keeping up to date with industry trends, developments and new techniques;
  • developing expertise with software to digitally enhance images by, for example, changing emphasis, cropping pictures, correcting minor faults or moving objects around;
  • managing the business aspects of the work, including administration, scheduling work, invoicing and basic accounting;
  • developing a good portfolio, building a network of contacts and achieving a reputation for quality and reliability in order to secure future assignments;
  • self-marketing by, for example, producing business cards, postcards and promotional materials and creating and maintaining a website.

Of course these vary from person to person, and I think I would be right in saying that the majority of photographers are self-employed making this list very subjective to whatever job/style the photographer taken on.

The salary is poor to begin with starting from as little as £10,000 and can eventually reach around £23,000.

Like I have previously said, I do not want to be JUST a photographer but I do want to incorporate it into whatever career path I decide to pursue.

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