Reflecting on different ways to show myself through an online portfolio is something that is difficult, obviously I like my own portfolio and the way that I have set it out. I have purposely stayed clear of the ‘showreel’ as I feel it is a cliche, however, looking back now I feel potentially that I should have created something, just to give the introduction to my portfolio that added ‘WOW’ factor.

On the other hand I am pleased with how it has all panned out, I have had positive feedback from both professionals and peers, this is why I am happy to use the website as my portfolio, to show potential employers what they can expect from me.

My finished portfolio can be found through this link:

or through this QR code which will now feature on all my business cards:

qrcode (2)

This is allow people to access the site quickly and easily from mobile devices, it also makes me stand out slightly and keeps me in the 21st century.