All the talk is about creating a showreel, this is something I wanted to avoid at every cost. I feel a showreel does display some skills in a sense of editing and filming but it only shows (obviously) what the person who makes the showreel considers to be their best bits.

Considering the fact that I want to focus more on graphic design and photography I did not feel that this type of portfolio would suit me, due to this I have created a website in which the majority of my work is available to be viewed, I have shown people what I am capable of doing as well as showing them the work that I am interested in (graphic design).

This website took some construction, I have created an entire functioning site which allows potential employers to see whatever they need to see to have the faith they need to employ me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 19.24.39

I obviously have an about page as it is after all, about me. This page lets the portfolio have a depth to it, allowing people to see that I am not just someone who wants to get the job done but someone who has pride in what they do as well as a sense of making it personal.

My main portfolio page is this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 19.26.28

This allows people to see a vast array of my work and when clicking on the image it takes them to a new page to view the work in more depth, this way people can sort out exactly what they want rather than being treated as a passive audience and forced to watch a showreel which is ten to the dozen. This type of layout also allows me to keep my portfolio up to date, uploading new work as and when I complete it.

Here is an example of how the pages look once clicked on:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 19.29.04

Overall I am pleased with how my portfolio looks and works, it is similar to that of a few of my professional contacts, which is of course a good thing as they are fully established people within the industry.