Although, traditionally/ideally I would have created a script for Living With Meningitis, I found that it would have been rather hard to do so due to the fact that I would be meeting with people for the first time and filming them. Prior to my arrival I had not met anyone, nor did I even know who I was going to be meeting. This isn’t because of a lack of communication or organisation, this is because I wanted everything that was going to be said to be as natural as possible.

However, once the filming was completed I was able to create a storyboard, piecing together all of my ideas as well as the footage I now had. The storyboard has been an ongoing thing, creating bits and then adding more to them as the story evolved. As you may be aware if you have seen my previous posts. Meningitis hit headlines thanks to a massive petition. This obviously added fuel to my fire and changed the way my documentary was going to work slightly, in turn, resulting in a change to the storyboard.

Below is the finalised storyboards used to help me piece together Living With Meningitis.