As you may be aware by now Meningitis is a serious illness which can result in death. With in my documentary I am using various shots of nature, all of which contain bright colours and the natural movements of plants, trees etc in the wind. These shots are taken with a steady cam, making them fluid. However, there is a slight off setting to the steady cam to create an intentional ‘wobble’. This is to mimic the natural movements of the world, and creates a different viewing experience for the audience, in some ways I feel it makes it much more personal and immersive.

The question is why and how can nature link to Meningitis in any possible way? Well, hopefully, that what I am going to explain and justify in this post. During filming with the HQ team of Meningitis Now, I learnt a lot more about an illness that almost tore my family apart. Although I knew the basics, there was so much more to it that I had never even thought of.

Nature carries so many connotations, its fresh, pure, innocent and bright. Meningitis is exactly the opposite, but, it is most common in children aged up to five years of age. These children are pure, innocent, and they all have the potential for bright futures. By using shots of nature, vivid colours and blue sky’s I plan on representing all those children who have lost their lives to Meningitis. They are now part of this nature, especially since the majority of the footage is captured in the memorial garden of Meningitis Now.

At first I has reservations about using nature along side such a hard subject. But I think its worked out for the best. The way that the dark side of Meningitis is portrayed is juxtaposed by the bright and vivid colours of nature, making one and other stand out and work harmoniously together.

Through using this odd partnership I am leaving my Documentary open to the reception theory. I am hoping on audiences watching and all hopefully having their own opinion on Meningitis and also on why the nature was partnered with it. I don’t want to create a generic effect, the whole point of the documentary is to raise awareness of meningitis and to also get people talking among themselves. The more of a reaction we can get from this, the bigger success it has been (in my eyes anyway).